Tri R Sales, Inc.
Tungsten Carbide Specialty Products


You get more than just product from us. Our engineering expertise and decades of manufacturing experience has enabled us to amass a unique knowledge base of special production solutions spanning a broad range of industries.

Our capabilities include precision cutting, grinding, lapping, honing, CNC machining, waterjet, and EDM wire cutting. As a value-added service, we offer our in-house re-sharpening program.

We are continuously upgrading our equipment to ensure that we always maintain the highest quality standards.

Commitment to growth and innovation

We believe that highly-motivated and qualified personnel are a prerequisite for future-oriented products. Our staff at all levels of production, development, and sales are regularly given further training to improve our performance and serve our customers better

Additionally, Tri R Sales is dedicated to being an industrial innovator with the development of our own patented-design edges.

Side-Crown® and Resil-U-Cut® Knives for off-the-road tires

The following video demonstrates the cutting action of Tri R Sales' proprietary Side-Crown® and patented Resil-U-Cut® knife technology for high-tensile steel tire cord materials.